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The World’s First Smart Battle Drone

Petrone All

Fully Featured Accompanying App

PETRONE has companion applications that are feature rich and intuitively designed. By utilizing a device most people already own, the Drone becomes an extension of the smart phone and something that can be used in people’s everyday lives.




Transforming Drone

Battle Drone, Driving Car, Flying Camera

You can transform PETRONE into 3 different types controlled by a single app

Petrone Drive Kit

Real-life Flying Battle Game

1 vs 1, Team battle, Network Games

The Petrone is a fighting drone equipped with infrared transmitters and receivers. If you have two or more Petrones, you can create battle teams. Every time a Petrone is “hit” by an infrared shot, the LED lights will flash and the controller will vibrate and make a sound while simultaneously decreasing its life energy. When its energy runs out, the Petrone will safely land on the ground in defeat.

Turtle Turn Technology

Allows your drone to flip itself over from side to side while resting on a surface

turtle turn

Motion Control

Just tilt your smartphone. Your drone will follow your motion.

The sensor fusion system makes it fly stable during motion control mode

motion Right

Auto Hovering

Easier and Easier, But Sill Dynamic

Innovative flight control system based on sensor fusion technology with on-board 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer and optical flow sensor


SDK(Software Development Kit)

follow me

Follow Me

voice cotrol

Voice Cotrol

pattern fly

Pattern Flying