The Age of Coexistence between Human & Robot

Our goal is to bring Robots and Artificial Intelligence out of labs and into people’s ordinary lives.


Coexistence of Human & Robot

BYROBOT is a leading specialist in the field of flying robots. With more than 15 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, BYROBOT’s engineers are passionate about the advancement of robotic technologies in the commercial, industrial and military sectors.

The company was founded in August 2011 by Sangki Ji and Sehwa Hong, who worked several years as researchers for flying robot projects at KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology). Their team is the first to make a single ducted-fan flying robot with a gasoline engine flying autonomously in Korea. It also developed a patented flight control system for Drone Fighter™, the world’s first battle drone. BYROBOT’s key technologies include embedded systems, wireless communication, sensor fusion and computer vision. 

Drone + Coding + STEAM

The Leader of Drone Education Field

We make products that are easy to use for the Toy, Entertainment & Game market but also open products both in terms of Hardware and Software so that people can develop on them from 6 years old.

Drones are a big part of STEAM Education because it is engaging and fun. It allows the kids to actually learn through play which is probably the best way to learn.


Lightrone Solo_001_Shadow


Your First Mini Racing Drone


Transforming Smart Battle Drone

DF_02 (2)


Your First Battle Drone